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Cash Discount

Are You Ready to Eliminate up to 99% of Your Monthly Credit Card Processing Fees?​

You Can With One Source's Cash Discount Program!

Our Team

Regulations have changed.  Now you can pass through card processing fees, just as gas stations have been doing for years.

With One Source's Cash Discount program you will enjoy the same profit margins from cash payments as you do from non-cash payments.

How Does It Work?

  1. Business implements a non-cash adjustment that applies to all products

  2. The non-cash adjustment is waived for all customers who choose to pay with cash or check

  3. One Source's terminals and software automatically adds the non-cash adjustment to all credit card transactions.

  4. One Source's provides you the signage that is required to be posted when offering Cash Discount.

It’s Easy!  Doesn’t matter how you accept payments:

  • Countertop and Contactless

  • Wireless and Mobile

  • Online and Gateway

  • Clover

  • Hot Sauce POS


You can eliminate virtually all of your monthly credit card processing fees now!

Contact us to go cash discount today.

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