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Solutions For Every Merchant

Credit, Debit, EBT, e-Check, Gift Card

The more payment choices you can offer your customers, the easier it will be to grow your business. With One Source Solutions, you’ll be able to show customers you’ve got an eye on the future by accepting Traditional stripe cards, EMV chip cards or NFC contactless payment like Apple Pay.

Want a wireless credit card terminal? A mobile solution that allows you to take your products and services directly to your customers?

From EMV and NFC contactless credit card machines to easy-to-use ecommerce solution. One Source Solutions is the only payment processor you’ll ever need.


Clover Suite of Products


Clover is the fastest, most customer engaging Point-Of-Sale System on the market and we are Clover Experts. Contact One Source Solutions  today to learn how the Clover suite of products fit your business.

Cash Discount


Click here and learn how to virtually eliminate your merchant processing fees!


Internet Gateways & Virtual Terminal

One Source has a seamless online shopping cart plugins. Multiple inline payment gateways. Hosted payment pages. Whether you’re an establish ecommerce merchant or you’re just venturing online, we can provide you with a solution that will help you increase your online sales.


Are you a general contractor or run your business on the go? One Source provides your business many wireless options to accept payments wirelessly while still enabling you to benefit from low cost, swiped card-present processing rates. We offer wide range of solutions include smart phone card readers and wireless terminals.

Cash Advance

One Source Solutions Processing enables your business to harness the power of your credit card sales to get the cash you need today—without the hassle and frustration of applying for a small business loan.

We offer merchant cash advance services to serve the needs of merchant, small businesses, and restaurants in ways that traditional business lenders, including banks, cannot. Leverage your relationship with One Source and get your business the cash it needs in 48 hours.



Our U.S.-based Customer Care representatives are standing by with live, personal support to assist you day and night.

Free Hot Sauce POS Program

ATTENTION RESTAURANT OWNERS: HOT SAUCE Technologies is making their award winning restaurant POS System available to One Source with no up front costs.


Free Terminal Placement

One Source offers Free Placement of Credit Card Machines to our customers.

Instant Funding

Avoid 1-3 day wait for your regular deposit. You can receive money in your bank account in minutes! There is no limit to the number of requests you can make and no restrictions on day and time.



We’ve helped many petroleum and gas stations accept credit and debit cards so their customers can pay conveniently and securely with all the leading card types as well as Wex and Voyager

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